Grade 5

Check out the folowing link to view our Sustainability Mural on Max Darby’s website! Very Exciting!

Inspired by Jackson Pollock & Street Art on PhotoPeach

5/6A and their Mandalas in progress.. on PhotoPeach

5/6C making Mandalas on PhotoPeach

5/6D creating Mandalas! on PhotoPeach

5/6E’s Mandala creations on PhotoPeach

5/6 B and their Mandalas! on PhotoPeach


25 thoughts on “Grade 5

  1. Dear Mrs Cairney,
    I love doing the stained glass windows and I can’t wait to make the real things with the special pens. I always enjoy going to art because I like exploring all the different types of arts there are.

    From Grace

    • Hi Grace,
      Thanks for your message, I love that you are enjoying Art and, in particular, the Stained Glass Window project. The windows you are researching are amazing to look at and I am excited to see what you’re going to create. See you soon.
      Mrs Cairney

  2. HI Mrs Cairney I really am enjoying what we are doing in art this term I cant wait to see what we are doing next term.

    • Hi Olivia!
      I am glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself in Art. I’ve got lots of surprises in store for Term 2!

  3. Hi Mrs Cairney,
    Learning about stained glass windows is really fascinating. I never knew that there was so many old windows dating back even further than the 1800s!. I can’t wait till we start making our desighn. I have so many ideas to draw about in our visual diary. See you on Wednesday.
    From Emily.

    • Hi Emily!
      They are amazing aren’t they! Im glad you’re enjoying this project, I can’t wait to see your window design.
      From Mrs Cairney

  4. Dear Mrs. Cairney,
    This year in art I am really looking forward to putting together my stained glass window. I think that it is going to turn out looking terrific. Although I am still thinking about what I am going to do for my second design. And I also wanted to ask that if later on this year could please make a collage? I have always liked making them and so I would really like to do in art some time. Thanks,
    Sarah W.

    • Hi Sarah,
      thanks for your comment. The year is flying by! Did you write down collage on your Art Survey at the beginning of the year? I’ll see what I can do about fitting it in.
      Mrs Cairney

      • I am pretty sure that I wrote it on my art survey, and if I didn’t then I was meaning to. If you can’t thats fine, the is always next year aswell.

  5. Dear Mrs Cairney,
    I’v really loved doing this project. I’m so exited about doing the next one. I love learning new types of art.
    From Mitchell.

    • Hi Mitch!
      The next project will be pretty cool too! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.
      Mrs Cairney

  6. Dear Mrs Cairny,

    I am really enjoying the stained glass window project and I can’t wait to see the finished product I they will look amazing, especially the people who colored really dark because it puts a great effect on it. I have a question can we maybe do some logo designs because I have always loved doing them.

    From Ksenija πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Mrs Cairny,
    I can’t wait till I finish my stained glass window sadly not even close to finishing but I will finish soon. What are we doing in term 3 because I’m just so exited and I can’t wait. I love art it’s one of my favourit subjects and there is so many things you can do you can even you can even splat a bit of paint on a wall and it will be a work of art.

    From Sarah B

    • Hi Sarah!
      You are closer to finishing than you think! Next term is a surprise so you’ll have to wait and see. I promise you lots of fun though.
      From Mrs Cairney

  8. Hi Mrs Cariney,
    Wow i really enjoyed the glass window project they all turned out really well. I liked mine because I put a lot of time into the ballet shoes.

    From Maddie 5B

  9. Dear Mrs Cairney,
    I love doing art it is my favorite subject because then you can create something for a birthday card or something else.

    I loved doing the mosaic because I learned how to clean it all up as well. I love all of the art work my class does I think it is marvelous.
    From Bonnie .

    • Dear Bonnie,
      Your mosaic turned out beautifully and you worked hard on it. Im glad that you had so much fun creating it. Thanks for your message.
      From Mrs Cairney

  10. Hi Mrs Cairney
    I can’t wait to do the stained glass windows and also what are the special pens?
    I like what you’ve done to the art room wall.
    From Ben

    • Hi Ben,
      We haven’t finished the Art Room wall yet. You guys still have a lot to do! We’ll talk more about the windows and pens in class. Thanks for your message!
      From Mrs Cairney

  11. Hey Mrs. Cairney,
    I think that the Art Room walls look great and I can’t wait to see the mural that the Grade five sixes are putting together in Term two. Also the Mandalas look really good and I am glad with the way that mine turned out. I can’t wait come back although I will be sure to enjoy my break as well. See you soon and Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    By Sarah 5/6A

    • Dear Sarah,
      I agree, the Artroom wall has come up well. Very “Jackson Pollock”! Term two will be very busy, especially for you 5/6’s. I’m looking forward to it. Good on you for getting on the Art blog I’m impressed!
      From Mrs Cairney

  12. Hi Mrs Cairney, I think the mandalas look great eventhough mine turned out smudged. The slide shows look great and the Jackson Pollock wall came up well. I also think that the sustainability wall looks really good and you did the trees well. From Jojo

    • Thanks Jojo!
      We’ve had fun with these murals haven’t we? I’m looking forward to the next project!
      From Mrs Cairney

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