Grade 2

2A Textiles on PhotoPeach

2B POTS & PATCHES! on PhotoPeach

2C Weather Patterns in Watercolour on PhotoPeach

6 thoughts on “Grade 2

  1. I think the grade two’s are doing a great job,I really liked
    the tornado with the lightning, I all so liked the one with the brown tornado. From Joshua.A

    • Hi Josh!
      Yes, the grade 2 work is awesome. Isn’t it great for everyone to be able to see it?
      Mrs Cairney

  2. Hi Mrs Cairney,
    I didn’t get to do a weather picture because i had to go to the orthodontist. But i don’t mind, I like them all. They are all really good.I like the sunset picture. Who would ever think of that.

  3. I love making the paper dolls and the popies it is really fun doing it.
    Even when I was in prep and grade 1 to.
    From Melissa in 2D with Miss Morvell

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