The Young Australian Art Awards are on again!

Entry is free. You can enter online and see specific details at

or see Mrs Cairney

15 thoughts on “Competitions!!!!

    • On the home page Lachie. On the right hand side you’ll find the Blogroll and the Toyota link is the last one in the list. How’s that car coming along?

  1. Hi Mrs Cairney,
    I have Drawn two Cars for the compition and they look so real! And On Tusedays I sit in bed and go “yes! we have got Art! I look forward to art everyday!

    Thank you Mrs Cairney

    From Ryan

    • Hi Ryan!
      Art is awesome, I agree! I’m glad you look forward to it too. How is your window project going?
      Good luck with those car entries!
      Mrs Cairney

      • Hi Mrs Cairney,
        I have nealy finshed my tile but today I had soccer practice. Do you know when the toyota dream car comp is going to be announced. after the tiles I wunder what amazing thing you ask us to do.
        Thanks Mrs Cairney your the best Art Teacher every

        From Ryan

        • Hi Ryan!
          Thanks for your comment – you’re pretty cool yourself! Log on to the website for the Toyota colouring competition (link on the Art Blog) and find out about the results. I haven’t heard anything from them yet. You’ll love the next project in Art, I promise.
          Mrs Cairney

    • HI Ebony,
      I don’t see why not. You will have to make sure you have the permission of anyone featured in your photos though.
      Good luck!

  2. Mrs Cairney would you beable to keep aside a entry form for the post card compition because I’m not going to be at school friday and Maybe tuseday so could you do that thanks


  3. Hi Mrs Cairney,
    I really want to enter in the post card comp. Hopefully mum will give me $2 to enter. There’s lots of things that make me happy and I don’t know witch one to pick. So I decided to do a collage of things that make me happy, I’ve already started by drawing a dog.

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