Out of over 500 children, these boys and girls have been selected for their outstanding effort, hard work and determination in the Art room. Congratulations to:

2014 – Joram 3B, Dayna 2A, Cody 6B, Emma 5C, Douglas 1C, Noah, 5C, Logan 1B, Isabella 2D, Sally-Anne 5B, James 1A, Lulu 3C, Maddison 2A, Seth 1A, Charlie 3C

2013- Isabelle 3A,, Shyla PC, Nathan 2A, Josh 1D, Indiah 5/6E, Oliver 3A, Grace 4B, Heath 5/6C, Maddie 4A, Alana 2C, Patrick 3C, James 3A, Mitchell 5/6D, Flynn PB, Ella R 5/6B, Oscar 4C, Darcy 3C, Beth 3C, Zara 4B, Luke 3C, Lucas 5/6C, Adam 1 B, Tess 2A, Shaun 5/6B, Matt 5/6B, Daniel 5/6C, Emily 4B, Jasmine 3A, Jarrod PC, Bryce PC, Hannah PB, Jack PA, James 4B, Alex PB, Sienna 5/6D,


2012 –
Max PB, Chloe PC, Jack 5A, Jordana 5B, Michael 6A, Caitlyn 6B, Nathan 1A, Elise 2B, Nelson 3A, Laura 6A, Lachlan 6A, Eliza 1C, Rowan 2A, Olivia 5C, Mackenzie 5B, Sam 3A, Darcy-Rose 2A, Angus 3A, Isabella 2B, Josh 4A, Riley 4C, Sarah 2C, Bonnie 5B, Mitchell 5C, Sarah H. PA, Sally PB,Lachlan 2B, Angus 2C, Shannon 4C, Aki 4C, Cody 1B, Sienna 1A, Will 4C, Kohen PA, Molly 3C, Hannah 5C, Sophie PA, Kaelyn PD, Ethan 3C, Ben 6A, Rhys 3C, Bridgette 5A, Bonnie 5B, Ayden 2C, Molly 3C, Ella 1C, Harry 2C

2011 –
Baillie 3C, Joshua 2C, Hannah 4C, Alex 4C, Noah 2B, Oscar 3B, Jessica 4C, Erin 5B, AJ 4B, Camden 5A, Max 1A, Ethan 5B, Jamie 6B, Olivia 5B, Thomas 2B, Emma 2A, Lachlan 3A, Chloe 3A, Tim 4A, Jaz 4C, Nicholas 5B, Rowan 5A, Olivia 4B, Ethan W 3B, Kailey 1B, Sarah PA, Cameron PA, Jessica-Rose 2B, Sally-Anne 2C, Jack 4A, Jack 4C, Lily 4B, Bianca 5A, Ella R 3C, Jarrod PC,



6 thoughts on “ART AWARDS

  1. Hi

    I had a great day in art last week. I was sad because we were running a bit late so we didn’t get a full art lesson

    See you next week – have fun

    From sally

  2. I have been LOVING art this year!!! Because out of all the art class I have been to I have never had sooooooo muth FUN!!!!!!

  3. Hi Mrs Cairney,
    I love art. I want to do some at home but I can not decide what to do. Anyway i hope that the things we do next term are really cool. And fun at the same time.And there are lot’s of decorating and painting along with cool glowing colour!

    Please write back. Hugs and kisses Kimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Kymmie,
      I dont think you’ll be disappointed! Looking forward to more fun with you in the Art Room. By the way, your clay sculpture is fantastic!!!
      Mrs Cairney

  4. HI,
    At my school we dont have an art room any more we all do art in our class rooms but my FAVORITE subject is ART! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    From Ruby

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