Year 6 Clock project



  1. Using an app of your choice, explain the difference between mass produced novelty items and original, handcrafted artwork.
  2. Using your net books create:
  • A relevant heading.
  • A collage of artistic clocks – these should be limited editions or original art works (NOT mass produced novelty items). DO NOT USE GOOGLE IMAGES!!!!! You will need to research independent sites. Think about effective key words to assist your search, such as ‘handcrafted’, ‘authentic’, ‘one of a kind’ and ‘original’. Then use what you know eg does it look mass produced? If so, it probably is.
  • For each clock, list the materials it is made from, the artist or the website. I should be able to replicate your search.
  • Is there any particular story associated with each clocks production? For example, was it designed as a charity donation, for an exhibition, by a child, for display in a city or town etc?
  • Have your work checked before you print.

Try these sites:                                                                          

  1. Create 2 different designs for your clock in your visual diary.
  2. Carefully sketch & label your diagrams, illustrating front, side & back views.
  3. Identify any features inspired by your research.


  • Your design must be original.
  • Your design must be free standing.
  • Your design must fit inside a shoe box.
  • Appropriate dimensions. Your design must allow enough room for the hands of the clock (8cm) as well as the clock mechanism (8cm x 8cm).



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